Do you want to increase speed and improve your riding experience on the road?

Let invest in the best mountain bike wheels, and you will be able to change your trip completely. The money you spend on a perfect wheel will be worth twice as much as spending on anything else of your bike.

Great wheels will make your bike run faster, smoother and safer everywhere. Do you wonder how to buy a new type of wheels that will not make your bicycle worse?

We believe that with our many years’ experience in using this type of bike, SCIN Tense will bring you the complete reviews on top lists of mountain bike wheels and helpful tips for buying these products.

Then let discover the best wheels for your beloved bike.

List of 3 great mountain bike wheel products that you can not ignore

Firstly, SCIN Tense want to send you a reference product list of wheels. You will have an overview of this product enough to choose the best one for you.

#1. Mavic Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels

Topping our list is the wheels that fit almost all 29er mountain bikes, the Mavic Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels.

So what does this product offer unique features for your bike?

Here they are:

  • You will own new pair of 29er wheels with boxed Alloy beam and Mavic XM119 rims.
  • Cycling safer with black stainless steel spokes 32 front / 32 rear and smooth rolling Shimano M475 MTB QR hubs for disc brakes
  • Product works well with disc brakes (6 bolts are attached).
  • The big promotion from the manufacturer is the free pair of Continental race king performance 180 TPI 29×2.2 folding bead tires, a product of high ratings up to $80.

No doubt, they are the wheels with a reasonable price and high quality. They can give you a better riding experience, higher ride efficiency, and safer on the mountain trails.

You can use more durable with all sorts of terrains to explore and can try different riding techniques. The product is also suitable for heavy riders.

If you are looking for a reliable, yet affordable, set of wheels, buy the Mavic Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels now.


  • Work well on various terrains.
  • Reasonable price with proper promotion.
  • High quality and great wheels with smooth bearings, sturdy rims, standard spokes, and good rim tape, tubes, and tires.
  • Perfect for heavyweight riders.


  • The tires may slip over phosphates and sand covered limestone technical trails.

#2. Vuelta XRP Pro 26in Mountain Bike Wheels

When you want to find a versatile yet lightweight product, we have the perfect proposition for you, the Vuelta XRP Pro 26in Mountain Bike Wheels.

This kind of product has the following outstanding features:

  • You can have the boxed Alloy pinned Alloy wheels working well with the disc and rim brakes. The Pro Disc is enhanced to use more extensive range.
  • High-quality wheels and excellent warranty.
  • Also, there are bladed aero spokes and super smooth and fast sealed cartridge bearing hubs.
  • Ease of use when the product has tried and stressed to stringent specifications.

The Vuelta XRP Pro 26in Mountain Bike Wheels is your ideal choice from high-level XC to everyday trail riding.

Although these wheels are for tubes, you can use them with tubeless if you have a tubeless conversion kit like Stans. You will have a faster ride response and better ride performance.


  • The product is packaged thoroughly.
  • Provide the flat spoke with a 2x lacing.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Build-in with the mounting points for disc brakes.
  • Extremely durable and light wheels.


  • This product may be needed to tap out on the screw holes.

#3. WTB STP i25 Tubeless Ready Mountain Bike Bicycle Novatec Hubs & Tires Wheelset

This product name tells you to use with the tubeless. You will get the most suitable one for wheel types of cross country, all mountain, and gravity.

Do not let you wait any longer, let us show you the main features of the WTB STP i25 Tubeless Ready Mountain Bike Bicycle Novatec Hubs & Tires Wheelset.

  • The wheel package contains front and rear wheels, tires, tubes, hubs and quick release for your convenient use.
  • The wheels are made by hand, and the spokes are fully extended by a pushing machine, so they will not be reached after a few rides to ensure the wheels stay true.
  • You will get the WTB STP i25 tubeless compatible 29″ wheels, but do not include tape and Presta valves.
  • Some other features include Novatec front hub D481SBT, rear hub D482TSBT, quick release, 8/9/10/11 speed compatible, 25mm internal rim, 25-559 rim size designation, and the continental X-king foldable tire 29 x 2.2.

All things are considered,

The WTB STP i25 Tubeless Ready Mountain Bike Bicycle Novatec Hubs & Tires Wheelset offers you super fast speed and good grip.

Also, with the development of the Topeak Ergon mountain bike professional team, the product is versatile enough for any terrain and fits well with the Race King and Mountain King II.


  • Offer the folding bead, ProTection casing, and BlackChili compound.
  • Quick set up and simple use.
  • The price is good.
  • Suitable for various kinds of road.
  • Excellent wheels and decent tires.


  • The welds of the wheels may leak air.

The useful buying guide for Best mountain bike wheels 2018

But beware: Before buying new wheels for your bicycle, you should check to ensure that they have the same type of axle and width as your bike frame.

Carbon wheel rims
Carbon wheel rims (Source:

At first, you select between carbon and alloy material for the rims

You need to know that manufacturers of high-end wheels are made of carbon fiber because this type of rim is hard or harder than aluminum one and the weight is low.

On the contrary, if your concern is to upgrade to a higher-performance wheel at a reasonable price, you can choose from many quality aluminum wheels.

Now it’s time to check the width of the wheel rims

When the vehicle has a wider rim, it will increase the tire volume and help the tire to be flatter and squared-off. Moreover, the broader rims can also enhance the tire stability, and you can control your mountain bike more easily when running through the corners. See more:

Keep in mind,

The rims should be appropriate, not too wide, as it may cause knobs on both tire sides to sit very high and make the bike having less grip through the road turns.

You need to consider the exact pairing rim and tire width. It’s easier than you think, follow our simple instructions:

  • 2-2.25in tires paired with 23-25mm rim widths
  • 2.25-2.4in tires paired with 25-30mm rim widths
  • 2.4-2.6in tires paired with 30-35mm rim widths
  • 2.6-3in tires paired with 35-40mm rim widths

The next thing to consider is tubes or tubeless

Firstly, the inner tubes are sold with affordable prices and quick to change without the hassle but easy to puncture and give high pressure for the driver.

Meanwhile, the tubeless systems are light, can roll fast and seal the small holes by themselves but they are more expensive than the tubes.

See more:

Last but not least, you need to check the speed of the freehub involved

It is a measure of the distance your crank moves before the pawls inside the freehub attach to the drive ring’s teeth to push you forward. They are also known as engagement points or degrees.

More points will lead to fewer degrees and a faster freehub. Finding the degrees of engagement is dividing the engagement points into 360. For example, a hub with 36 engagement points will have 10 degrees of engagement.

Want to know the best part?

A hub with high engagement points will help you regain speed quickly after stopping with less lag and making it easier to speed up the technical climb.

It can also reduce returns when reaching certain points. You have to take good care of the freehubs with fast-engaging which are louder and have more drag because of their weak contamination tolerant.

But wait – there’s more thing for your consideration

If you are a heavy rider or someone who runs fast and reliable, you should buy a robust set with a higher number of spokes.

On the other hand, when you are a lightweight rider or run regularly on the trail, you should use the lighter weight wheels.

Let’s take your pick!

You already have a list of our recommendations and how to choose the right wheels for your favorite mountain bike. So give them a go. You can buy the wheels at your local bike shop or via an online shopping website.

If you ask us what we select for our mountain bike, we can answer you they are the Mavic Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels because we can go with them on various terrains with reasonable price and good promotion.

Besides, we can have high quality and great wheels with smooth bearings, sturdy rims, standard spokes, and good rim tape, tubes, and tires. And one thing love about this kind of products is its perfect choice for heavyweight riders.